Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone © Kirsty Peake LRPS Yellowstone was the first National Park in the world, founded in 1872 to protect the thermal features. These are still a major draw for visitors from all over the world but the wildlife is also a big draw. In 1872 when it was founded just 300 visitors arrived, in covered wagons!

Year on year the visitor numbers have increased. 2016 saw it hit 4 million with a slight drop to just below that in 2017. Changed times indeed. The vast majority of visitors come between Memorial Day (late May) and Labor Day (early September).

The wolves are just part of an enormous fascinating and unique environment. The land is not owned or farmed in any way. There are not a large number of roads despite the fact that the Park covers 2 million acres. Hence the large number of traffic jams during the summer months for bears, wolves, bison and anything else.

Yellowstone © Kirsty Peake LRPS Summer temperatures can be around 26 to 32C with winter temperatures dropping as low as -15 to -40C! The cold is different from the UK though as it is a very dry cold and it is strange to having to maintain hydration even on the coldest day.

Yellowstone has a magic all of its own. The original objective was to look for wolves and study their behaviour but there is so much more to Yellowstone. Once you visit, you will want to come back for more. In fact for us, we decided to buy a home near Yellowstone.

The idea was a small log cabin that could be just locked up when they left. However we found a beautiful home that overlooked Emigrant Peak (approx. 11,000ft/3,353m). It was a lot bigger than a 'small log cabin' though.

Yellowstone © Kirsty Peake LRPS It is great for family and friends to come and stay and as we don’t go out in the summer it works for us by being let by the team at If you visit their website just put in Silver Peaks into their search box and you will find pictures of our home, and details of rental opportunities.

Being just 26 miles from the entrance to the Park, we find ourselves there most days. If the wolves are not co-operating then we go off in search of something else. Alternatively the fly fishing in the Yellowstone River is the best and nearby Chico Hot Springs is THE place to relax after a busy day out.

Yellowstone © Kirsty Peake LRPS