Of Wolves and Dogs and Yellowstone National Park

Of Wolves and Dogs

Kirsty has a great interest in wolves. She regularly gives talks on the Evolution of the Modern Dog and other related topics. She has been out to Bavaria on several occasions. She has been fortunate enough to study with the late Ray Coppinger and the late Erik Zimen. Kirsty has written many articles for magazines around the world.

Kirsty is a Specialist Advisor with the UK Wolf Conservation Trust www.ukwolf.org

Each year Kirsty and Alan travel out to Yellowstone National Park to continue watching the wolves, their impact on the ecology of the area and their behaviour. In 2006 they found a beautiful house near Yellowstone National Park and bought it. Now they have a base close to the wolves and other wildlife - sometimes right on their doorstep! See the page on Silver Peaks for more information on the house and how you can rent it for a holiday of a lifetime.

If you are looking for trips to Yellowstone for you or a group of less than 6 then please go to www.wolftracker.com . Here you will meet our friends Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston. Both work and live at Yellowstone and offer wildlife tours in Yellowstone all year around.  If you are looking for wildlife and photography then contact our friend McNeil Lyons at www.yellowstoneinsight.com for great tours in the park.  If your interest is purely photography using natural environments then please contact award winning photographer Cindy Goedell's website www.goeddelphotography.com We can promise you an experience you will never forget.

We normally see wolves whenever we go looking for them. It is however important to remember that this is a truly wild environment and sometimes they are hard to find. We have seen wolves on every trip to Yellowstone National Park and have been fortunate enough to watch some incredible wolf behaviour.

Yellowstone National Park has so many diverse points of interest that it soon weaves its magic around us all.Yellowstone National Park covers some 2 million acres of land and is a wild environment. The land is not owned or farmed in any way. There are not a great number of roads. Temperatures can be as low as -20c but unlike the UK it is a dry cold.