Of Wolves and Dogs

Of Wolves & Dogs When Kirsty started as an animal behaviourist, she constantly came up against people saying that dogs should be treated as wolves. She disagreed with this and set out to research wolf behaviour so that she could explain why dogs should not be treated as wolves. She was fortunate enough to study with the late Professor Ray Coppinger, who became a dear friend, and the late Erik Zimen. She visited Wolf Park at Battle, Indiana to meet their captive wolves.

Since 1995 she has been a member of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust at Beenham, Nr Reading and latterly she was a Specialist Advisor with them. Sadly the UK WCT closed its doors to the public in August 2018. A great loss to students studying the species from the UK but also to all the wolf projects around the world that it has supported over the years.

Her speaking career took her all over the UK, Europe and even the USA. At a conference in Poland she became so involved in what she was saying that she forgot about her interpreter who was struggling to keep up with her! The highlight of her speaking career was sharing the speaking platform at the Wolf Conference in Edinburgh with L David Mech, Carter Niemeyier and Bob Landis amongst others. She is also involved with the International Wolf Center based in Minnesota, USA.

After tracking wolves in the Bavarian National Forest, the next aim was Yellowstone National Park where they had been reintroduced in 1995 and 1996. Bavaria was great fun and certainly wolves were heard, carcasses and scat were found but no physical sightings. Yellowstone changed all that. They were hooked after their first visit when they watched the Druid Pack at the height of its success with 37 members. The largest wolf pack ever recorded. That was it then! Every year saw them out in Yellowstone.

For several years they ran a tour for small groups to visit Yellowstone and see the wolves. Each February saw an excited group of people head out to Yellowstone. To see wolves in the wild, behaving completely naturally is a unique experience. Up until recent years it was easy to say that wolves would be seen every day but now it is sometimes a challenge to achieve this. Nowadays we would recommend our friends Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston at www.wolftracker.com as they offer wonderful tours of Yellowstone. Alternatively MacNeil Lyons at www.yellowstoneinsight.com who combines tours and photography. If you are looking just for photography and Yellowstone then contact Cindy Goeddel at www.goeddelphotography.com.

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