Natsworthy Lakeland Terriers

Back in 1952 my father paid £8gns (£8.40) for a 7 month old Lakeland called Kelda Tea Rose who my brother and I named Lassie. This started for me a lifetime in the breed. In February 1955 we registered our first litter. I kept a bitch from that litter who I called Inchmore Beauty or Rosie to her friends! She and I were constant companions until she died aged 14 years. My only time without a Lakie was when I was working abroad. My dogs were primarily pets. They enjoyed nothing better than going out rabitting or following me and my horse on rides.

I had a go at showing on several occasions but did not really enjoy it. However, I started again in 1989 and applied for and got the affix Natsworthy.  I enjoyed my 18 years of showing but in 2007 decided to retire from showing and therefore breeding Lakelands. My dogs are still my pets and I like nothing better than watching them run free over our fields here on Dartmoor.

2005 saw a change for us. In March we said goodbye unexpectedly to our Muffin. Eleven years old and still full of fun. Her sister Poppy really missed her. Then in April in his 17th year we said a fond farewell to Pip. How can we repay him for all the love he gave us but also living with my father for 6 years and keeping him independant for that time.

Cody (seen above with her Gt Gt grandpups) sadly left us early in 2007 in her 17th year. We miss her so very much, she was one of those dogs who leaves her impression forever on a family. She was full of herself right up to the end and suffered a 'bleed' in her brain which affected her badly.

Poppy (Natsworthy Golden Dagger), is Cody's daughter by Ch. Am. Ch. Auchenhove The Tin Man, who sadly died in 2003. Poppy did really well in the height of her showing by winning one Challenge Certificate (win three and your dog is a champion) and three Reserve Challenge Certificates. After a short and sudden illness we said a very sad farewell to Poppy on 26th August 2009. Like her mother, Cody, she was a very special girl and will be sadly missed by us all.

Rocky now aged 15  now enjoys the quiet life.  He potters around at his own pace.  He has become the partriach of the canine family. In Spring 2010 he developed an allergy which caused mucous to build up in his nasal passages. Nothing was found and we are struggling to find not only the cause but something that will help him. He now has a nebuliser 4 times a day which does help to loosen the build up in the nasal passages and therefore helps to get rid of the mucous. He is now the first dog we have ever had who has his own hankerchief! Each time he has a sneezing fit we stand well clear, hankerchief at the ready! He is coping well with this problem and though has some quiet times soon bounces back to his usual playful self.

Natsworthy Golden Magic (Sophie) and Natsworthy The Charmer (Millie) are Rocky's nieces. They are by Aust. Ch. Lakeridge The Socerer out of Natsworthy Golden Dazzler (Tizzy). Tizzy now lives with the Owen Family and is a companion to Natsworthy The Dragon Slayer (George).

In January 2006 we made the decision that Sophie would be better off living on her own as she was not that keen on other dogs around her. We found a lovely home just 8 miles from us with an experienced Lakeland owner. So we still see her and she comes and visits but she has benefited greatly from having the undivided attention of her owner.

2005 saw the arrival of Millie's litter with Ch. Lakeridge The Gambler. Two pups were born in January, one dog and one bitch. Lottie had a shaky start to her life having first gone to what we thought an ideal family. Sadly after 6 months she no longer fitted in with their lifestyle. After a fairly traumatic time trying to get her back and reassessing her we found a lovely home for her near Southampton.

We kept Roly as we realised that he was a Lakeland with Attitude (note the capital A!)

In November 2008 we set off on a great adventure and took Milly and Roly with us. We left Southampton on the QM2 which boasts lovely kennels and a deck for walking dogs. After 6 days we landed in Brooklyn and set off to drive across the USA to our home in Montana. This took us another 5 days. We arrived at our house on Thanksgiving and stayed until March 2009 when we all flew back to the UK from Denver. Milly and Roly had to get used to wearing boots in the cold of Montana and we had many adventures together. A book is in the pipeline!

Since then Milly and Roly have returned to Montana with us for the 2010/11 winter which was very severe and there was much wearing of boots and coats for all of us! We went back again with them for 2012/13 winter which was not quite so cold, but everything is relative!

Here we are now in 2016 with Rocky approaching his 16th birthday, Millie her 14th and Roly now 10.  How time flies.   On 14th April 2016 Roly was rushed to the vets and put on a drip for 48 hours.  On 16th April we said such a sad farewell to a much loved boy.  Just not in the plan at all.  Although a challenging dog at times, he was such an affectionate dog and such a character that he has left a huge hole in all our lives.  Millie said farewell to him with us and now we are all grieving.

By the end of April we decided that Milly needed a companion and I needed someone to do the long walks with.  Milly and I travelled up to Uttoxeter in Staffordshire to the Saredon Kennels.  Here we met Burt!  A two year old male just not quite good enough to show.  After half an hour of the two dogs milling around together and Burt having cocked his leg on my trousers, we set off back to Devon.  Now in August Burt is beginning to get the hang of life as a pet.  We are doing lots of exposure to new experiences with him and he is gaining in confidence.

At the end of August we said a sad farewell to Rocky.  Just got too much for him having to cope with all his allergies, nebuliser etc.  We all sat in the garden with him and our vet put him to sleep.

Millie and Burt are now full time in the house and life is great for them!  Burt is continuing to develop and there are many laughs at his antics.  Napkin Nicking is a great game!

Burt and Milly travelled out with us to our home in Montana in November 2016.  Milly led the way and Burt followed.  He had a wonderful time on the QM2!  Sadly late December 2016 Milly fell ill and early in January we said a very sad farewell to her.  We brought her ashes home.  Four months after we came home Sophie, Milly's sister, passed at the age of 16 and both are together with the reat of their family.

Burt is now ruling the roost and leading us a merry dance!