Natsworthy Lakeland Terriers

Kirsty and Rosie Back in 1952 my father paid £8gns (£8.40) for a 7 month old Lakeland Terrier called Kelda Tea Rose which my brother and I named Lassie. This started for me a lifetime in the breed. In February 1955 we registered our first litter, from which I kept a bitch called Inchmore Beauty or Rosie to her friends! She and I were constant companions for 14 years. My only time without a Lakeland was when I was working abroad. My dogs are primarily pets. It was great fun watching them running free as I rode a horse over Dartmoor.

I did have a go at showing but did not really enjoy. However in 1989 I started again and applied to The Kennel Club for the Affix 'Natsworthy' and got it. I enjoyed 18 years of showing but in 2007 decided that I had had enough. My dogs are my pets and I just love being around them and exploring new areas. All my Lakelands were special but some were extra special.

Cody was one of those dogs who leaves her impression forever on a family. We lost her in 2007 in her 17th year. It was only after we lost her that we realised just how important she had been to us. During her lifetime we never had a problem with livestock chasing. Once she was no longer with us we had to teach puppies not to chase livestock. This, we realised, was what Cody had done for us during her lifetime.

Muffin, Cody's first daughter, was such a tomboy. She was a great hunter and kept the fields and gardens free of rabbits! Sadly we lost her in 2005 at 11 years old. She loved being 'au pair' to litters of puppies.

Poppy (Natsworthy Golden Dagger) was another of Cody's daughters and she did really well in the height of her showing. After a short and sudden illness we lost her in August 2009. She was a red Lakeland with no black on her at all. Sadly none of her puppies were of show standard.

Cuddle up time A litter from Poppy's sister gave us Rocky and Tizzy. We kept Rocky and after Tizzy had a litter we made the decision to let her go to a lovely family who already had a puppy from Cody. Tizzy had given us two lovely girls and a boy. The boy went on to be an assistance dog but we kept both the girls. Sophie and Millie . Sophie was an outstanding looking Lakeland and we had great hopes for her in the show world. However Sophie had different ideas and was just a home loving girl! She and Millie started to have some friction between them and we decided that Sophie would be better off on her own. We found a lovely home just 7 miles from us and we saw her regularly. Sophie passed in October 2017 at the age of 16.

Millie Millie was our great hunter and went on to have one litter which gave us Roly and Lottie. Lottie went to a lovely couple who lived in the New Forest. She died in her sleep in 2017. Roly we kept because we felt that he had the capability of being a challenging dog! We did show him a bit but he was just not good enough. Millie and Roly lived together in their luxurious kennels! Rocky lived in the house.

On board In November 2008 we took Millie and Roly out to Montana, USA for 6 months. This was a great adventure as our adventure started by crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2 as it has kennels onboard!

Winter in Montana is hard and they had to learn to wear boots and coats!

They came x-country skiing with us once! Millie was too busy trying to dig through the snow trying to find something and Roly thought ski tips were for pouncing on! We took them back in 2010 and 2012 and 2014.

In 2016 our lives changed dramatically. Roly was suddenly taken ill in April. He had complete kidney and liver failure. 48 hours on a drip did not improve his condition. With so much sadness there was only one decision we could make. At the age of 10 he was put to sleep. Millie was distraught. We thought that it would work with her and Rocky but at the age of 16, deaf and partially sighted, he could not cope with her. She went into a decline. Millie and Burt A few phone calls later and a couple of weeks later she and I were on our way up to the Saredon Kennels to have a look at a 2 year old dog. We brought Burt home! Millie now had a toyboy!

In September 2016 Rocky had had enough of coping with his allergies and decided enough was enough. It was time to say goodbye to a great companion.

In November 2016 we set off again for the USA on the QM2, this time with Millie and Burt. Millie taught him so much in the time they were together. She loved him to bits and he cheered her up no end. In January 2017 Millie's heart gave out and our time together was at an end.

So now we have Burt. A much loved companion who hates to get up early! Loves to play with us and other dogs. Life with Lakelands continues.